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Safety & Security

Many DoggyBizzNizz clients are very concerned about the worrying increase in dog theft, not just from private homes and gardens but also whilst out walking their dogs. When walking your dog we always ensure that we are vigilant and that your dog is protected as much as possible.

We wear a bodycam and always carry a mobile phone and personal attack alarm and now have started carrying a Repell Personal Attack Deterrent. The REPELL sprays a cloud of foul odour AND a yellow fluorescent dye. Both of these act to repel, disorientate and mark an attacker. The odour and dye are not easy to remove so they can be used to identify the attacker at a later date. The fluorescent dye is very visible under an ultraviolet light.

In addition to these measures, we have started to use a GPS tracker which attaches to the dog's collar or harness. In the event that the dog runs away or is taken, their whereabouts can be tracked on Google Maps.

DoggyBizzNizz & Coronavirus

This message is to inform you that at the moment, it's business as usual!

Nobody knows what the next few weeks and months will hold in store but we will continue to take advice from the World Health Organisation and for the time being honour our commitments and current bookings.
We appreciate that travel plans, holidays and work/school arrangements might change so as a gesture of goodwill we will waive any cancellation fees.

To further reassure you, we already undertake sensible hygiene practices of frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser between visits but have decided to increase our efforts by wearing disposable gloves and using alcohol wipes to sanitise any surfaces/door handles etc that we may touch when we are in your home. We will also use our own leads/equipment where appropriate.

As a small business, your support and continued use of our service is very much valued!

Stay safe and healthy!

Karen x

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